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September 02 2013

Date: Mon, Sep 2, 2013 at 12:44 PM

Mery mery (Hello in Mapuche) mi famila! This week has been great here in our sector. Last week we went to the zoo for our p day it was awesome. The sector is great but pretty scary at times haha I always tell my companion that we are two tiny lights walking in complete darkness. The 4th and 11th of september are protest days and are very dangerous. We have to go home early both days, the people have to lock and close everything and seal their houses with tape to avoid the gas bombs and smoke! Sketchyyyyy haha but were safe! Some of you have asked me how it was leaving the was rough but a peacefull moment, when I was in the boat leaving I just looked back and felt at peace, I know I will never forget those experiences or those people, it was a fast yet rewarding time. My companion has no idea when his Visa will come, he is from Chile and actually lives real close haha. This week we had our investigator be comfirmed and if al goes as planned we will have a baptism next week! Here we are seeing miracles, I cant believe the power of prayer, through saying a prayer specfically each night for a lady we are teaching we have seen her change completely...My testimony is definetely growing! I love my mission and I love my sector, its the most dangerous but it is the best! It just makes me sad seeing how the standards of the world are degenerating so fast. There are so many fatherless children, drugs, fights, swear words, drinking, and smoking...actually I heard a quote a couple weeks ago that was really strong about alcohol, a man told us that "Alcohol is the death of my father, the pain of my mother, and the hunger of my brothers and sisters" its true, never drink!! well keep praying for my protection please, I know your prayers go a long way, I love you all so much, ill try to send pictures today!

Elder Roberts

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