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September 26 2012

Date: Wed, Sep 26, 2012 at 9:22 AM

Hey Family! so where to begin? well Spanish is tricky at times, I find myself struggling with conjugations, for every word there are like 30 ways to say it depending on the tense and person, but its coming. It truly is amazing to see my progress over only 5 weeks! Our whole District speaks spanish pretty much all day every day. I dont really notice my improvement until I start talking to the new districts, its so cool! I truly know the lord is helping me, because I could never be this far ahead in such short time. Mom, and Macall, Yes we did watch the temple dedication, it was great! I saw the 3:00 session, it was so cool, I love seeing temple dedications. So as of saturday I will have gone through my first planner here, its insane, Ill try to send a picture of what an average day looks like for me planned out. So on a little card I got when I came to the MTC it said my estimated departure date is OCT 22....but online under missionary info I am scheduled to leave at 6:30 AM on OCT 18th so well see how that goes, ill keep you updated. Also when I leave and during my layovers I can call home!! They sell call cards here, I think its like 5 bucks for like 3 hours of talk be ready for that! Heather, thank for the protein its nice! also Macall thank you for the protein bars. So this last sunday I was released as District Leader, its nice to be able to relax a little more. Katie and everyone else HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am proud to announce that I am the undefeated Dot game champion in my district, its so fun, our entertainment here consists of the dot game, and tie trading. I took a picture of all my ties..I think I have doubled my collection :) As far as needs I think i am set. I dont really need anything, other than your support and letters! and yes packages are super super legit! I find that at times I have hard moments but overall I have never had a bad day here. I love being so close to the gospel and so close to the spirit. I never knew how much power it has. My scripture study has increased immensly, I took a picture of what it looks like haha. I love reading stories en el libro de mormon, they strengthen me so much! I have felt so much growth every single day here, I cant believe that in 5 short weeks I have grown so much, not my personality but my spirituality and mentality. I have been so happy serving the lord. I have witnessed miracles and revelation! IT BLOWS MY MIND, how much revelation I have been receiving. for example....Yesterday at lunch I randomly out of no where started thinking of Josh moon, remember the moons? Yeah super ten minutes later I turned around, and there he was, Elder Josh Moon! I feel dumb though haha I was a little freaked out so I didn't talk to him but crazy huh! Another experience, It seems like all day I will think of something and later it will happen, I freak myself out sometimes haha But I know it is from god. Oh man I feel like I have so much to say but dont know where to start haha. OH! so we found out how to do the awesome star wars photos! haha Ill send some, they are awesome, we have been trying to be pretty creative with our photo taking, its another hobby of ours :) Dad I wanted to tell you, I use your stories all the time in lessons and just in class, they are so great and relate so perfectly to investigators, keep sending them! I am still waiting for some pictures with this Chilean monkey though my dear family! wow sorry I am using a lot of exclamations! but I am just happy. Mom and dad and all others who read this, I want to tell you right now how much I care for you, how often I think of you and how much you strengthen me. I know that without your personal influences on my life I would not be serving a mission today. I have a testimony that families are eternal, and that I am so honored and lucky that Heavenly father cares so much for me, that he has given me the oppourtinity to live with my family forever. You have had a huge influence on my life, you are why I am here, and I thank you so much for all the time you put into helping me, I know that the lord is making me great, and helping me build a foundation for my eternity. THANK YOU!

Kurtis- Kurt, I cant tell you how much I care for you, how much you have helped me grow and learn to be happy in life, Thank you, stay strong and work hard, and pray for help. I can promise you with all me heart that the lord knows you and is watching and guiding you. I know that he is waiting to bless you, and your are amazing kurt, don't let anyone ever change you.

Patricio- I know my whole life I have been trying to somehow convert you ha, but I just want to tell you right now, that I know that this gospel and this church has changed my life for eternity. I know that God loves you, and your family, he wants you to be with them for eternity, and to receive blessings bigger than you can ever comprehend. I would challenge you. Tonight, kneel down and ask god, for anything, ask to know the truth, ask to know why I am telling you this right now, and my friend he will answer you.

Family- I love you, I know that no matter where I am in life you will always be there supporting me. I grow so much because of you and your testimonies of our savior. You truly live the gospel and I thank you for your love. I dont know what I would do without your help, I would be lost. I love you

Macall/Moon family- oh man, you are great. I miss you very much, thank you for all the time you put into caring for me. I think of you often and you truly are my best friends, You make me laugh so much, I love you all! P.S. SHANE! I got a man card! a real one!

okay I would continue but my time is up, Point is, I love all of you, I know that this gospel is everything, and I am so Glad I can share this with others who need it. Sorry if I sound a little preachy I just want to never miss a chance to thank you, and to express my love for this gospel. How selfish would I be if I knew the value of this, but never shared it with the ones I care for most.

-Elder Roberts

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