Thursday, March 5, 2015

August 31 2012


So the MTC is awesome! as you may have guessed today is my P day (Wednesday's) I love it here, I have learned so much in this past week it is insane. I now am fluent in Spanglish and can say prayers, bear my testimony and teach all in espanol for the most part. Um this email may be very random so just prepare for that ha. I am on a time limit as well so ill fit in as much as I can. Because I am timed please try to send me actual letters so I can read them outside the time limit. I love getting all of your letters, they make my day! as far as packages I love getting them but...I find myself surrounded by a bunch of junk food haha, I am trying to eat healthier and I work out for an hour every day, so keep that in mind :) I am doing really well here I have not been homesick at all really. I fit in perfect. We study the language for about 7 hours every day! I have witnessed miricles even though it has only been a week. Remember when the stake pres. was setting me apart and he said I would be in a leadership position relitively early? well on the second day here I was called to be the District Leader, I am in charge of my district containing 12 missionaries! Also we got our first investigator (actor who only speaks spanish) on our second day, we had to teach him a lesson all in spanish! it was super scary but suprisingly we did it. since then we have taught him 4 times and guess what! he is getting baptized! This place is amazing, I love singing with all the missionaries. the day I entered 538 entered with me, now there are about 2900 here. it is so so powerful when we all sing together! I remember the first day I came in and sat down and we sang army of heleman and oh my gosh it was so so awesome! Also random thought. If you want to send me anything feel free to send me ties or new gym shoes ha, I am getting bored of mine already and my shoes are falling apart. also dad this is your job, I guess I am suppossed to have a priesthood line of authority chart so try to send me one? also I have been working out for an hour every day, and I have been eating super healthy, I feel great! I can already see so many positive changes in myself. So i guess ill tell you about my companero, He is Elder Neser, he is from california and also left his girlfriend, he is super nice and so perfect for me. its weird to have someone with you for 24-7 but I am pretty much used to it now. my branch president is President Hollister he is so cool! he used to play drums for Ozzy osborne! ha I love talking to him, he is super powerful and so inspiring. so how is my family, and how sad is jack now that I am gone? hah yeah right. so I have been taking pictures but It is not letting me upload them :( so ill see what I can do. Also I dont think I can use my voice recorder til im in chile. this week has gone so fast, and thats cause we are so busy from 6:30- 10:30, I barely have time to think! I have not had any problems really, I am just working hard and loving this place. so remember:

-Send me healthier food
-send me ties?
-new gym shoes?
-try not to email or send voice recordings as much
-know that I am super happy
-keep me updated family!
-DAD! send me letters!

I love you all so much, thanks for all you do!

Elder Travis J Roberts
MTC mailbox # 259
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, Utah 84604-1793

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