Thursday, March 5, 2015

December 31 2012

Date: Mon, Dec 31, 2012 at 8:30 AM

Oh my goodness hello! First of all I just want to say how much I love you all, you all motivate me so much and make me so happy! Thank you for your support and letters, they make me stong when I feel weak. Oh my gosh that is so weird that Elder Armstong is back! Youll have to talk to him more and he can tell you all the fun details about Chile! Man Christmas was great to be able to talk to you, I hope you all had the most amazing Christmas! Wow and Lilian is serving a mission, how cool! Give her like three high fives for me k? so cool. This week was great, yesterday it was like over 100 degrees....such a long hard day. Days like that are tough but they make all the other days even better. One thing that continually amazes me is the scriptures. I cant believe how much I didnt know before! I cherish the time I have each day to study and learn, It is just too cool how the lord works, somehow each day what I study is brought up by someone else in a lesson its just legit! Everything is going great here, I am curious to see if on the 14th if I will change sectors, so well see. hmmm what else happened this week....two days ago I got stung on the arm by some weird bug and it KILLED ..but its fine now, I saw a dog get his leg run over by a car, it was sad, and thenI saw a kid get hit by a car but the kid was fine just scared after. But I am happy, learning to have a smile no matter what, we find ways to have fun here. I cant tell you how spiritually powerful it feels to be a missionary. Yesterday we had the opportunity to give Nacho the priesthood. He asked for me to be in the circle, we placed our hands on his head and wow...I have never felt the spirit so strong, so real, so powerful. That was cool for me. There are so many moments in the day that I will receive promptings as well, or randomly have energy, I know they are from the Lord. Each day there are trials and it is hard in the moment, but being able to look back and to see what you have accomplished is worth it all. I cant wait to see what else I will go through and experience here. I am looking forward to the winter at the moment, yesterday I was drenched from sweat. I hope all is well at home, I hope youare all growing and happy as well! I cant wait for the day to tell you all the amazing stories I have! The thing that is always in my mind is how fast time goes, and how little two years actually is. well I love you all, work hard, then work harder, and dont forget to smile and if you can sleep in for me :)

Love Elder Roberts

Ill be sending pictures :)

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