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September 17 2013

Date: Tue, Sep 17, 2013 at 10:01 AM

FAMILY! This week was crazy! Yeah so ill start out with the crazy story yeah! So a couple of days ago me and my companion were late for lunch with a member, we were really far away and were sitting waiting for a bus. Usually the buses here come very often and you only need to wait a few minutes, but we ended up waiting for over 30 minutes and not one bus came....we began walking....we decided to take a taxi but again for some reason there was not even ONE who had room or would stop...we kept we were walking we saw in front of us a lady walking towards us and bawling, as we got closer she tripped and fell right in front of us and began hitting the ground and crying even harder. I helped her up and my companion about had a heart attack from what was happening, I lead her to the curb and we sat down, I crouched down and started telling her to take deep breaths and to relax...after a few minutes she relaxed a little more, she kept repeating "Why dont I just die now" " I have nobody and nowhere to go" " I am ashamed". I began talking to her about god and how at times we have to hit rock bottom before he can lift us up, I asked how we could help her (My comp still was kinda in shock) she said she needed a taxi, so I helped her up and we walked towards the street, as I am looking around she FAINTS!!! My comp reacted and caught her and we lowered her down softly. I was holding her head so it didnt touch the hard cement. EVERYBODY was watching haha, But silently in my mind I began to bless this poor lady. As I did she woke up and violently tried to remove my hand and began freaking out and a lot of ugly things that I dont want to describe. we waved down two cops and later left. THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS-- God puts us in places where we need to be, Who knows what would have happened with this lady if we werent there. I know she needed that blessing and someone to help her, and who knows maybe one day shell call us ( I slipped a handout card in her backpack)

Well this week was great and thats my crazy story. haha I love the mission, time flies way to fast, and my english is horrible haha. Well I love you all, this week is the 4th of July for Chile in other words. should be fun:)

Im safe! and im happy! 

Elder Roberts

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