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January 27 2014

Date: Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 9:13 AM

Dear family wow another month has gone by! I cant believe I will be home in 6 months...I feel like I am just barely understanding what realy mission work is, I guess thats why they say you are the best missionary the last 6 months of your mission. Anyways everything has been going great here I think there is a virus going around because me and my comp are always sick haha. It is still really hot here, were very very lucky if there is even one little cloud in the sky... We have been working hard in our sector and seeing good results. So we were four elders living in one house for one ward, but due to a shortage of missionaries right now in our mission they closed the other missionaries sector and left us the whole ward and the whole house! haha its nice to have more space but it just doubled our sector so now we have a lot more walking to do...its kinda wierd because the house is really quiet now, I guess thats how mom and dad felt when I left :) So we spent a while organizing the sector and papers and the house and now I think were ready to go:) we currently have 4 people with baptismal dates but we could easily put another 3 with dates. If all goes well we will have a baptism next week or the week after, she has everything she just needs to stop smoking. Mary is so LEGIT! wow I cant wait to tell you all her story in person it is truly a miracle, she has gone from 40 ciggaretes a day to 1! so were close! Me and my comp are super happy, and my Portuguese  is coming along, im pretty stoked.

well I love you all, just another normal week.

Elder Roberts

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