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March 18 2013

Date: Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 11:14 AM

OH MY GOODNESS MITCHEL IS COMING TO CHILE TOO!! I am so stoked to hear that! This past week was pretty nuts. I was sick for the better part of it with a cold, my comp just got it too. We have been working really hard this week,it still is way too hot here but soon it should start cooling down. Chile is amazing, My comp isawesome, and I am very happy. I finally feel comfortable with the language and can understand pretty much everything.The Lord is amazing! In our sector it has been a bit rough and even dangerous at times. Daily we are offered weed, pills, or alcohol on the street. We hear gunshots a ton,and even find shells on the ground ha,  but dont worry WE ARE BEING PROTECTED. Here the ward needs desperate help, assistence is about 40 when it should be over 500, there is no bishop, and there is a ton of drama between people. But we lovethis sector and have seen the lords help in many ways here. Next week is changes and I hope I stay. For Keaton and Mitchell here are some heads up on what REALLY chile is haha..

-Dogs everywhere!
-Dirty air
-Busses, Taxis,and a subway system to travel
-Big fences at every house and instead of knocking you shout "Alooo!" pronounced "Allow"
-Chileans do not pronounce a lot of "s`s" in their words for example the phrase Buenas dias sounds like Buena Dia
-They put "PO" at the end of a lot of words
-Completos (Kinda like hot dogs) are super nasty the first time,and addicting the 2nd 3rd 4th5th 6th 7th 8th 9th and 10th times
-People here dont have grass very often so instead the always sweep and water their dirt
-Through all the trials, dirt, and hard times you find the people,  who are the most loving, caring, and helpful people you will ever meet. They will change your life as you are changing theirs, they almost instantly accept you as family and you will literally witness miracles, impresions of the spirit, answered prayers, and works from the hand of god. You will never ever ever regret or forget your mission  here in chile!

Love you all! Ill send pictures

Elder Roberts

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