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December 17 2012

Date: Mon, Dec 17, 2012 at 8:16 AM

Hola familia! Como estan? I love you all so much, this week was great and crazy at the same time. Ha I met the Armstongs, we had lunch together and did some other fun things, theyll have to tell you all about it! It was cool to see them, its just so weird how fast time can fly here. I cannot comprehend that this week is the end of the world (All chileans say that) and next week is Christmas! Time is so fast! Yesterday we had 3 more baptisms! Ill send pictures, it was great! Saturday we had a ward christmas party, here they are so different than what im used too, it was super fun though, me and elder Flannery found awesome Christmas vest for like 1 mil (2 dollars) so of course we wore them. also they had us missionaries sing some songs in english in front of everyone, it was so sweet, they loved it and so did we. I think the hardest part about chile is nobody is ever on time for anything haha, the party started an hour late, church was a half hour late, always something late ha but its all good. YAY I got a package from you, thanks so so much!!!!! I may or may not have peeked in my stockings but I have not opened any presents I promise :p It made me so happy to just get something, I love you all so much, thank you! Keaton thats so crazy man you will be on your mission before you know it! Come to Chile man, Ill train ya! Keep preparing, do all you can right now to prepare because there is a lot to learn and the more you can do now the easier it will be in the field. Its weird to be here in Christmas feels like summer, were dripping sweat all day long ha. I am still very happy, I love the other Elders I live with, and especially my companion Elder Flannery, he is soo COOL! were best buds. This week I ate something weird and had stomach problems for like 3 days, luckily I am recovering, the first day it hurt so bad that Me and my comp had to stay home, my first sick day, it was weird. Man I miss music, im still having withdrawls from my studio ha but someday ill be back in there, and im excited for that! So as far as I know I will still be skyping around noon christmas day you time, send me your skype account so I can call you. There has been a lot of hype about the 21st here, I am curious to see what will happen and if anything to see what the crazy people will do. I am still learning a ton and changing for the better each day, the language is coming, its super tricky but I am learning and starting to feel more comfortable with it. Wow on the 22th it will be my 4 month mark, its insane. I am doing great though, I dont need anything but I love getting things if you ever want to send something ;) Ill try to send pictures today, then you can see how my week has really been.

With much love

Elder Travis Roberts

p.s. thanks for the snowflakes, lights, and cologne, and other goodies, made me super duper happy :)) cant wait to open the others!


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