Thursday, March 5, 2015

February 11 2013

Date: Mon, Feb 11, 2013 at 8:30 AM

Hello! This week was good. I love reading all of your letters and hearing all the people that are turning in their papers and getting ready to serve, SO COOL! This past week was good, still rough but everything is going fine. I am learning a lot and having very interesting experiences. At times it is very tough, but they never said a mission was easy, you have to do hard things to change, to gain a reward, and to truly become closer to the savior. Today is P day, after we email we need to go to the Hospital for my comps foot, ha they are messed up. I was still sick this week, luckily I am feeling better finally, I hope its over. We found another tarantula in our house the other night, only faster and bigger, kinda freaky too. This week we have interviews with President and in two weeks are changes, I am not sure what will happen but we will see. Time is flying by, next week will be my 6 I am just so stoked for Keaton and Mitchell and everyone else who is getting ready to serve, be sure to give me the details on their mission calls!! So interesting exerience, yesterday in a lesson there was a big tremor, at first it felt like an earthquake, its a weird feeling, everything was moving and rumbling. It wasnt that crazy but it was a new experience for me, chileans dont even care, it hardly phases them cause it happens so much. We are having a lot of success here, we had 2 baptisms yesterday! Two little girls named Mei (may) and Millaray (Mee uh rie) they are so awesome! I was able to baptize Millaray, the water was freeeezing! Ill send pics. All is well, Im happy and working hard. I am happy to hear from you and to know all is well at home!

Love you!

Elder Roberts

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