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July 21 2014

Date: Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 12:14 PM

Family and friends, this week was an amazing week for us here in Corona Sueca. We have been working hard and being diligent and it has been paying off. I knew before the mission that I would have rewarding experiences and feel full of joy and happiness as I would serve, but yesterday that promise was truly fulfilled. We arrived to church with a new family we had found and during the sacrament meeting the child went insane and I was doing all I could to calm him down and play with him and was praying so hard that the parents would still have a spiritual experience, after a while they decided to leave because they felt bad....So I was a little sad, on top of that my companion has had bad stomach pains this week and it just seemed like a disaster yesterday. Later in the day we had Camilo Paredes (Recent Convert) come with us to give a blessing and I knew when I saw him that he has something bothering him on his mind. He asked if we could walk and talk......These were the words he said to me " Elder Roberts, today in sacrament meeting I felt very strongly that the Lord wants me to serve a mission, I went home the second hour to tell my parents my decision and they were so disapointed in me because they are not members and dont understand, also I am 22 years old and am in the middle of my studies.....what do I do?" We sat down in a park on a bench and I began to express how much the mission had blessed and changed my life. It all ended in tears as we read D&C 31 together and we were all so full of the spirit. He said "I know god spoke to me, and I know what I must do" ......My whole body was FILLED with the spirit and never had I felt so satisfied with the work I had done in my whole life. Through 8 months of hard work here in this sector, the Lord truly gave us a HUGE Miracle, seeing a young man reject the gospel, to being baptized, confirmed, called as young mens president, recieving the priesthood, going to the temple, and now-willing to sacrifice it all for a mission. GOD LIVES, I know it with out a doubt in my heart. I Invite all of you to do the same as Camilo, and always follow the impressions of the holy spirit.

I Love my mission.

Elder Roberts

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