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October 28 2013

Date: Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 8:56 AM

Hello! This week was SO GOOD! So I am now serving in Huelen with Elder Bueno, he is 27 years old and is from Uraguay. He has been in the mission for about a year and a half and before he was basically a professional soccer player. He is super awesome, we get along very very well. This week we took out the trash haha I love my new sector, we taught 18 lessons with a member present and 18 without members, we contacted 117 people and we found 9 new people to teach. Here in my sector it is FILLED with apartments, at first it was kinda wierd but I have found that I love it, everyone lives close and we dont have to walk far at all ha. We currently have 5 people with baptismal dates and they are all so prepared its insane! This sector is loaded with people prepared and it literaly shows me that the field is white already to harvest. It just requires my hard work now :) I love my mission, I love being a Zone leader as well. A zone leader is basically in charge of all the districts in hhis zone, and in each district there are about 10 elders or sisters. A zone leader has to be in communication with the mission president and solve any problem in the zone that comes up. also I have to teach a class each week to one of the ditricts, and we have to call for all the numbers achieved for the week for each companionship....and a lot more, but its awesome. In our mission there are about 20 zone leaders for 240 missionaries. I am super happy and excited to see the progress of the people here. Also my comp is helping me work out harder and each morning we drink protien shakes, im stoked! Hope all is well and I hope you are all happy. and mom now you can sleep better cause my sector is A LOT LOT LOT safer than La pincoya , where I was before.

Love you all!

Elder Roberts,

p.s. I will try to send another voice recording and photos soon.

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