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June 3 2013

Date: Mon, Jun 3, 2013 at 9:26 AM

Another week over... Crazy! This has been a great week for us here on the island. We were able to teach more lessons so that was awesome. Its hard at times to preach here on the island, everyone goes to bed early, it rains a ton and its hard to go outside, or there is not a guy in the house and we cant enter. BUT we are still trying to teach and help in any way possible. We are still doing a lot of service and visiting a lot of inactive and less active people. As far as I know my companion Elder Evans will probably be going back this week to Santiago, I still dont know if I am staying or leaving with him but well see. I love the island but I have noticed that since it is so much harder to share the gospel here it has built a fire in me to really work hard once I get back to Santiago so I am excited for that:) I cannot believe how fast time is going, Im almost at a year mark, keaton and mitchell are leaving soon, paxton hightower has his mission call...its insane! I hope all goes well this week with Heather and Pat, GOOD LUCK! So funny story, last P day we were fishing on the dock and I caught a big fish! I was so happy, we put it in our big bucket and began to fish some more, then out of no where a huge gust of wind came and blew our bucket with my giant fish into the we caught a really small fish and took it home and ate it instead. It was a fun day though. Also I have grown a love for seafood, we made sushi this past week and I ate a ton! Before I hated sushi and other sea foods but now I really like them. This past week we ate cow tongue, it was pretty good, it tastes like roast beef. Im not sick at all so thats good, in fact I feel like im in great shape, we do exercise a ton here too. Everything has been going great, I am still happy and I love the gospel. I love you all too, so much, take care!
Elder Roberts
P.S. I just got a call from the mission office and as far as they know Elder Evans is leaving tomorrow and another elder is coming here to be with me for another change! BUT we will see..... :)

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