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May 5 2014

Date: Mon, May 5, 2014 at 12:23 PM

Family and friends! So im pretty excited to talk to you next week! I will be calling anywhere from 4:15 to 5:30 ish not sure though because if the internet connection is bad we will have to take turns so I may talk after my comp finishes.. so just turn on the computer at 4 and wait:) Also things are going very well here in Corona Sueca in Pudahuel. This next week we will have another baptism and a hopefuly future missionary! He is 22 years old and his name is Camilo Paredes. Also this Wednesday we have a missionary leaving in our ward (its been years since the last missionary here left so its a big deal) and we are going to be there while he gets set apart this tuesday so that should be cool. Changes are coming up soon and I have no idea what will happen, but I have been here for a long time so we will see what president Essig decides. On june 27th we will be getting a new mission president, we dont really know anything about him other than the fact the he is chilean haha. All is well, our sector has been getting pretty dangerous and so we have been entering almost two hours early at times and on normal days one hour. Just to give you an idea---- So this last week we went to visit an awesome family that we found that are very receptive, we walk in the house and it is a mess and so I ask what happened and Romina said that they have to change houses....and then she told me why...I guess her husband got in a fight a couple days before and was stabbed two times, once over the heart and once in the hand, and so now there are people looking for them.... NOO!!!! (and thats not even the worst part of the story- but I will have to tell you once im home so that mom doesnt freak out)  it was crazy........but dont worry I  A M  S A F E ! !
 I have God and angels protecting me :)

anyways I love you all, this church is true. It is the only thing that will give you eternal joy instead of momentary happiness.

Elder Roberts

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