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December 3 2012

Date: Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 7:45 AM

Fam fam! hello! I was so happy to see I got 19 emails today wooot!! I am so glad to hear you are all doing so great! I am as well, stoked to call home for christmas. So we are currently 4 hours ahead so what if I call here christmas day at like 4 so it will be 12 there? let me know. So this week was great, Elder Armstrong is leaving very soon, today we get a new third companion to train to fill his shoes as zone leader and replace him. Im excited to meet him, ill tell you how it goes. So news with Tamara, we gave her info to the sister missionaries in her area, they have an apointment next week! oh yeah! so wow time is going so fast here, I hardly have time to think. as of now we should have 1 baptism next sunday and the one after we have 7! so cool to see our hard work paying off, currently we are leading in numbers over many other areas! My spanish is coming, many of the natives and other missionaries are amazed at how much I know for how little time, the lord truly is working with me, I know that for sure cause I couldnt do it alone. The hardest part of serving a mission is being away from my loved ones and my studio..ahh haha, but its all good im saving peoples salvation :) So on christmas I can skype for 40 min or so, make a skype or whatever and send me the info so I can add it and call you! Also sorry for not being clear, my p days are mondays, that one week was just a special ocasion, so yeah MONDAY :) Also I feel bad cause there are so many cool things I wanna buy and send home but I really am broke so just know I love you all so much and some day ill buy you something cool. we have been working very hard this week, it is sooooo hot here and yes mom I am wearing sunscreen haha, Physically I feel im in the best shape of my life, and spiritualy I grow so much daily. This week we gave a couple people blessings, yesterday I gave one to a little boy who was sick, I was scared, spanish is hard, but once again as the lord always does, as I placed my hands on his head the spirit just flowed through us, it was amazing. I am really learning how real and powerful the priesthood and the spirit are in life. I cant tell you how many times a day we receive an impression to do something and as we do we are blessed. Each day I get to witness things that are amazng, yes this is a hard job, but the coolest one ive ever had. I have really been learning to live in the moment and to choose to be happy, I am so glad to hear that you are all happy as well I LOVE YOU! My new favorite thing is waking up and playing christmas music even though its like 10000000 degrees outside, its great!

Well I love you, be happy, and know that I am doing just great.

-Elder Travis Roberts

Ill send some pictures if I can, the computers here kinda suck.

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