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May 13 2013

Date: Mon, May 13, 2013 at 9:16 AM

Well yesterday was a great day, I am so glad I got to talk to you a little bit. The island is amazing, living experiences that are changing my life. For all those who I didnt talk to yesterday ill just fill you in... The island is amazing, I am loving it here, we are still doing a lot of service and still getting eaten by fleas, BUT we still have smiles on:) Two days ago I ate COW STOMACH! by far the worst food I have ever eaten haha, it smelled like a barn and had the texture of hard fat with nasty! It has been raining a ton here and getting a little colder. Last P-day we did the biggest hike on the island called Mirador de Selkirk. At the top you can look at one side and see our home, and look at the other side and see the other small islands that are close. It was probably the most pretty place I have ever been. Ill send pictures! well all is well here, time just flies by, I am already starting my 10th month as a missionary...crazy! I am happy all is well in the states, keep working hard and never forget...God lives, he loves you, and he is waiting to bless you more, sometimes you have to do is ask.
I love you all,
Elder Roberts

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