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May 27 2013

Date: Mon, May 27, 2013 at 9:27 AM

This week on Robinson Crusoe Island:
 What a week! I cant believe it has gone by so fast. This week was pretty awesome, it has been raining so so much though, and when it rains a lot all of the run off gets in the water and turns the water dark brown. I am feeling great, no more stomach problems thankfully.  This week was really cool, well since our third companion left we have not been able to enter into as many houses which is lame because we had some awesome investigators in one house but they are 4 girls. This week we decided to show them that we still care and were thinking about them so we climbed a mountain and picked Mortillas (Berries) and gave them a huge bag. That night we had our weekly family night in the church and guess who showed up! The four girls :) It was one of the happiest moments of my mission, I dont know why but I just felt so happy, and I know they felt the spirit there, it was so cool. We are working to get them to come to church now! We taught about 5 lessons this week which was good! We did a lot of little service projects this week too, we made a legit coat hanger for our friend the pizza maker, and currently we are building a ladder for another person. Everything on the island is just so beautiful, I will be very sad when I have to leave... As far as I know I will probably leave when Elder Evans leaves which is in about two weeks. But who knows maybe ill get lucky. 
I am trying to get a ton of cool things from the island to bring home too, currently I have a guitar strap made from fish skin, a scripture case made from fish skin, a sword from a swordfish, black coral, and im working on getting some teeth from a walrus haha. Too cool! Hopefully I will get enough to bring you all something.
I think one of my favorite parts about the island in going fishing haha, the other night we were on the dock at night talking to some fishermen and they caught two huge nurse sharks just off the dock! it was sweet, you can catch huge fish here, I have seen a ton of giant fish and heard some really cool stories.
Well I love the island, it is an experience I will never ever forget...WE HAVE TO COME BACK SOMEDAY!
Love you all, take care and work hard!
Elder Roberts

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