Thursday, March 5, 2015

September 5 2012

Date: Wed, Sep 5, 2012 at 9:48 AM

Hi! So this week went way fast, its because I am busy like 24-7, anyways thanks for all the letters this week! Laurie thanks for the awesome packages you are great! This week went really well but also was a little harder than the first for a couple reasons. First, the food here is no bueno it makes a lot of us sick, I ate some "fish" like three days ago and I am still feeling it! Also my whole district has a brutal cold..everyone except me haha, knock on wood! also this week I think all the excitement wore off a little and it kinda was more real, I became a little more homesick at times and it was rough, but it's all good, I am happy :) I tried to take pictures and ill send them but there is not that much to take pictures of ha. So sunday was my first Fast sunday here, and we were pretty much forced to fast from 5pm to 5pm the next was a long day and Ill have to get used to that ha. Mom I met Elder Lawson like the first day I got here haha and we talked about our moms and he knows Macall, small world eh? So remember the investigator I taught last week..well turns out he is our new teacher and now knows all our weaknesses haha, we also got 2 new investigators this week. The spanish is coming along, I think the biggest thing that helps is just time and practice. I am still getting used to being spoiled to living with 4 other guys with weird habbits and attitudes at times ha. The MTC doesnt allow us to listen to any music so i found a new hobby for my little bit of free time. ART! its fun and I enjoy it. I forgot to tell you, my departure date is OCT 22, and that is the day I will leave unless something changes. hey mom I am going to write you some letters with other peoples names on them that I don't have their address so can you give it to them? Dad thanks for the letter, its good to hear from you! Heather and pat, when you sent me that letter with Marley's picture and Max's hand it made my day, and made me so happy, give them a big hug and kiss from their favorite uncle. Even though I have only been here for like 2 weeks I can definetely see changes in myself and I continue to. This place is great, although I am excited to get to Chile. I don't think I really need anything other than more letters, packages, shoes, or ties, or a tie clip? but those are more wants then needs. anyways I love you all and I am doing great I feel. Being District Leader is tough at times but has it's rewards. Yesterday we had a workshop class thing where we did a crazy activity! at the start we all wrote down a question or doubt we have for the lord or our missions. then we had to pray for revelation to teach someone we didn't know, without knowing their question we had to try to answer their question. it was CRAZY like everyone in the room including myself taught the exact thing the person needed. way way cool experience! 

well I love you! Keep writing me!

yo se que el evangelio restaurado es mucho verdadero!

-Elder Roberts

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