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August 12 2013

Date: Mon, Aug 12, 2013 at 9:29 AM

Well as you all know I entered the MTC on the 22nd of August 2012, but my mission cut back each missionary two weeks in his mission, SOOO Today is pretty much my one year mark! Crazy, I cant comprehend time. In case you are all wondering YES I am still on the island haha im still waiting for a flight. This week will complete my 4th month here on the island, time flies! We have been working hard this week, we have so many responsibilities here its crazy! This week me and my companion wrote an Emergency plan for the branch, bought food through internet for the Elders that are coming to replace us, we had a branch activity, and on sunday I (2nd counselor in the brach) Had to direct the sacrament meeting, give a talk, and teach a class in the elders quorum, and on top of all that we are doing missionary work! I am definetely learning a ton here and learning how to manage my time a lot better. Last week we had an amazing P-day! We went on a hike and found ourselves alone in the middle of the woods, it was very quiet and very peaceful. We came to a spot that we named "El lugar santo" = The holy place because we felt a peace very strong there and it was surrounded by trees, we both had the impresion to say a prayer, So we both kneeled down and I began to say a prayer out loud....As soon as I began to pray we heard a ton of really weird people walking around us, and we heard the sound of a huge bird flapping its wings, we both felt scared and really uneasy, I began to pray harder and asked for protection and for peace and immedietly the noises stopped, and we felt a peace that surrounded us and filled our souls...we felt a gentle breeze and and heard nothing, complete silence. We felt the presence of angels around us.. I know without a doubt that the adversary is real and that the power of prayer is amazing. Through that sacred experience me and my companion learned a little bit more just how Joseph Smith felt. It was an experience I will never ever forget.
God lives my dear family and friends,
Elder Roberts

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