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November 12 2012

Date: Mon, Nov 12, 2012 at 9:02 AM

My dearest family and friends! HOLA! This week was great. Lets start with the best part, yesterday we had 3 Baptisms!!!! And I was chosen by one of them to do the ordinance, my first baptism, so so spiritual and powerful!  Ill send pictures. we baptized 3 people, two were brother and sister and one was the boyfriend of the sister. It was so amazing, so the parents of the boyfriend (francisco) were super super against him being baptized, he is 21 so he can choose for himself so he chose to be baptized and out of nowhere his parents shows up for the baptism to watch, it turned out to be so spiritual, and during the service he got up and bore his testimony to his parents, everyone was crying haha so cool. Also yesterday (and pretty much everyday) we see people fighting..its scary at times ha but welcome to Chile I guess. This week we taugh like 30 lessons and got 15 new investigators! we are super super busy. It is so so hot here too haha makes me miss snow. So yesterday we were in a lesson, the first lesson with a strong catholic man. after we gave the first vision I was prompted to ask him how he felt, he said "I dont know why, but I know Joseph smith is a true prophet" So cool, at the end of the lesson we had him give a prayer on his knees with us, at the end of his prayer he just sat there, he couldnt move, he was teared up and so overwhelmed by the spirit, a true miracle. Sadly I did not see Tamara this week, but have plans to do so this next week! Mom for christmas honestly ha i just need money then I could buy stuff here, there is a lot of sweet stuff to buy. I do want some pictures of my family though in a book or something. So remember those nasty completos (hot dogs with may and gacamole and stuff) Yeah I love them now, and I am addicted to salsa and hot stuff. The spanish is still super hard but it is coming, just takes time. I am learning to not be picky with food, for example yesterday we had like some type of meat and noodles, I asked for more, she then brought me a plate with not only noodles...but a head of some type of animal haha...and I ate it. luckily I didnt rip my pants this week haha. man I dont even know what else to talk about other than Chile is crazy, very hard at times to serve a mission but so rewarding. I love the times in the morning for personal study, an hour to study the book of mormon, and another for the language, and another 2 for companionship study. Everything is going great here though, I am becoming a lot more confortable here, other than the language ha. I love hearing from all of you and to hear how great things are going! I am going to try to send pictures today too so hopefully they work. Also right now I believe Chile is 4 hours aheah of Utah, and I think we have a daylight savings time when you switch yours forward we go back one hour, so ill be 2 hours ahead, but im not sure. Have a happy Thanksgiving! Wow time just flies, we work so hard by the end of the day we just crash.

Love you all, write me and ask me questions! 

-Elder Travis Roberts

Here are some pictures! Found a dog that looks like jack haha, pretty sunset, my comp elder saravia and others.

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