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July 28 2014

Date: Mon, Jul 28, 2014 at 9:53 AM

Well I am slowly getting more and more trunky haha, its so hard to keep yourself 100 percent focused and forget that ill be home in two weeks...It has been emotional and a wierd feeling, I dont think I will really comrehend it until im am in the airport. I am excited to see you all! We are still working hard and are experiencing many changes in the mission due to the new mission president. This week they completely changed our schedule and now permit us to eat dinner each night and a lot of other big changes which will be fun for theses last two weeks. All is well and we are seeing miracles daily. I feel at times like the Lord blesses us too much ha, but I know he loves us all so much, I would do the same to my children.Yesterday I had to give a 15 minute talk in church and it made me realize- It is important to always progress and improve little by litte each day- just like the savior said - be ye perfect even as I and your father in heaven are perfect. It is amazing to really imagine and think of our true potential-Sons and daughters of a god, the all creating, all knowing, and all powerful being. You have royal blood inside you-so live up to your potential and progress! I am so greatful for my mission and to see personal prophecy be fulfilled in my setting apart and in my patrarchal blessing. It is truly amazing.

I love you all so much!

Elder Travis Roberts

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