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June 17 2013

Date: Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 9:37 AM

Dear Family,
WHAT A WEEK! Here is has been getting pretty cold, a lot of rain and mud and cold wind but we have been working really hard. We have been part of many miracles here. Currently the Branch here is struggling, everyone is a little tired of their callings and we are working relly hard to re-build the branch. This past week we prayed and fasted for help not knowing what to do. The next day we were informed that a new member arrived on the island, we went and found him and talked with him. He is a Father and Husband, endowed, and has experience in many callings, and he said he wants to help the branch here. He will be here for about 5 months! Miracle 1.    Miracle 2- These past weeks we have been working hard and organizing everything we can, we have had a lot on our minds lately feeling a lot of responsibility-Missionaries, 1st and second counselors, secretaries, ward mission leader, teacher of the classes, and we speak each sunday....a lot to do... BUT this past week or so we have had at least three different people say " Ya know there have been missionaries here for years, but there is something different about you two, lets talk" HOW COOL!
Miracle 3- We found an Inactive member, his name is Adrian, we entered his house to talk to his wife who is active and he began talking to us. He explained that for years he has been inactive and when the missionaries would come over he would go in his room and he felt that there was never a good trust with them. He told us that he felt something different with us, that he wants us to teach him and re-activate him, He is amazing! But here is the cool part, he is a survivor of a famous plane crash here on the island that is an international story. It is even on! Ill try to post the reference below for you to read!
We are witnessing many miracles here, we have good feelings that we are going to see many more. I have the huge blessing to be here for a few more weeks, longer than other missionaries in the past. Im working super hard and I cant wait to see what happens next.
I love you all, thank you for your letters and words of love and support!
Elder Roberts
HERE IS THE LINK!! HOW COOL, I am re activating a survivor who is famous!

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