Saturday, March 7, 2015

November 25 2013

Date: Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 6:21 AM

Wow this week was sooooo insane.....I left my sector and companion for a week to learn more from Elder Ballard.....Friday and saturday I was sick all day in bed, and sunday we flew to my sector so fast to change back because we had TWO BAPTISMS!!!!!!! it was such a spiritual experience, super super cool. I would send pictures but my companion has the pictures and now he is in another sector for the whole week with an elder to learn its super tough doing so many changes and this week is going to be a big challenge because I have to do all the work for 2 zone leaders now instead of just one, plus lead a sector, and train a new missionary basically. so well see how it goes, keep me in your prayers! Anyways this week was really good, I had a blast with Elder Ballard, he taught me a lot and we got along very well but its really nice to be back in my sector with my investigators and my house  ahhhhh. This change our zone achieved 11 baptisms and had the highest numbers in the mission, President is super happy, so well see what happens next monday (Changes) Who knows maybe ill train a new missionary! Also this week I got my new set of scriptures that finally came in the mail and oh my gosh it was like early christmas, seriously I have never been more excited to see a book of mormon in my life.....thanks mom! Anyways I want you to know that I am very very thankful for all the Lord has given me and for all the blessings I have seen thus far in my life and my mission. I am thankful for each one of you that takes time to write me or send me things. I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving and a super fun Black friday!!!!!!! wow im stoked for next year!

Love you!

Elder Roberts

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