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March 25 2013

Date: Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 9:51 AM

SOOOO I have very big news! Saturday night we were sitting in our house waiting for the office to call us to tell us changes for monday. I was thinking I would be staying so wasnt worried at all. Then as we were sitting there president Essig calls, and asks for me....He said Elder Roberts how are you? "Good president and you?" Great! I am calling because I have a special assignment for you this next change...."okaaayy...?" Elder Roberts you have been called to serve on ROBINSON CRUZO ISLAND!!!!! You will be there for a couple changes! Can you do it? YES!!!!!! SOOOO here is all the details.....This friday I will be getting on a plane with only 50lbs of my luggage. on the plane will be me and the pilot only! It is a super small plane, it will be about a 3 hour flight and I will be sitting co-pilot! Once I arrive on the island I have to take an hour long boat ride to get to my house! I AM BLOWN AWAY! there are two islands in our mission, easter island and robinson cruzo island. Before it was ONLY senior couples, but recently there have been a shortage of them and until new ones are called missionaries are going there. out of the 240 plus and growing missionaries there have been maybe ten who have ever served on an island. Its the big dream and hope here in the mission, to go to an island and I WAS CHOSEN! from what I have heard the assistence there is about 9, we will have bikes, and it will be pouring rain all day every day. I AM SO SO SO STOKED!! Here is the other crazy news, Until friday I will be opening a new sector with Elder Neser yes MY COMP FROM THE MTC! and in a week I leave and a week later he is going to the other island! NUTS! I havnt slept since I got the news. I am so so so happy and nervous. President said I will be there for at least 2 changes or 12 weeks, after that he is not sure. WOW HOW CRAZY! Wish me luck!!!!

Elder Roberts

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