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September 12 2012

Date: Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 8:51 AM

Family! so I love you all! this week has been bitter sweet. let's start with the bitter... on thursday I decided to play basketball at gym instead of working out. after like two short games I nearly collapsed. My asthma was so bad I just walked away and sat in a stairwell alone for like 20 minutes to get my breathing back, when I got enough strength I just walked around, I found the scale and there it was, my dad's name! it made me feel so comforted and so happy. I thought about you that whole day dad, and when I was feeling so alone and about to fall over from my breathing your name gave me comfort, I felt you there with me, I never thought I would say this but it made me miss scale work. so I was talking to some elders here and they said that after my mission if you come to chile to get me I will still be a missionary, I have to be released in my home town by my stake pres. so idk what to do now, cause it would be lame to not fully enjoy my time with you there, does that make sense? so I have been sticking to working out, pat you would be proud, and actually you are the one who inspires me, I think, what would pat do, what would pat make me eat? haha, but...I could use some protein powder or if nayone wants tosend some that would be awesome, other than that I dont think I need anything. I love my awesome new shoes eric! thanks! I tried to record a voice message today and hopefully you get it. Dad this week I was thinking, if you can you should send me some of your stories, they really inspire me and are perfect to teach with. any of them that you can relate to the gospel. and that goes for anyone, you can send me your spiritual experiences:) So yesterday I we were about to teach an investigator and I was getting really nervous, I said a prayer and asked heavenly father to help me know what to say. during the lesson I was prompted at many times to speak. I was prompted very strong to bare my testimony, as I did, my mouth was filled with fluent spanish, it was amazing...truly amazing. I was so happy! I have been doing good at writing in my hournal every day, I also bought a study journal that is awesome! yesterday we did a thing called TRC where we talked to real members and taught them a was nice to teach real people instead of actors ha. I have been doing really good here, days fly by so so fast. I LOVE getting your letters and packages, and before I leave to chile mom I am sending a box of stuff I dont need so I wont be overweight on my bags. I miss you all and love you so much. The lord truly is amazing, I have never felt such power and so spiritual in my life. I cant wait to return to share all my stories and hear all of yours! "The lord is preparing me today, for the Man and leader I can become tomorrow"

Love you!

Elder Roberts

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