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July 8 2013

Date: Mon, Jul 8, 2013 at 9:31 AM

Another week gone here in the mission, Time is going way fast. First of all thank you for all your letters and HAPPY 4th! I hope you all enjoyed it and had a great week. For the fourth nobody even know it exists here haha but luckily the marraige couple that came lived in the states for a couple years so they invited us over for lunch and we ate hamburgers and fries haha Chilean style. It was a great day! The chirinos are so amazing! Yesterday we lived history, after 26 years of being branch president here Pedro chamorro was released in sacrament yesterday and Elder Chirinos was called as president! It was so cool, we set up speakers and our mission president called and bore his testimony and thanked the president for his service. It was a historic moment! Also this week Elder Villagran and I experienced something very amazing. We had an appointment with a very promising investigator, as we arrived to his house he invited us in, as we entered the house we noticed that sitting there was a pastor from a different church. We sat down and began to share a scripture in front of the both of them. The pastor made a couple comments that in a very slight way attacked the church and us as missionaries, one comment was "I am here to protect my sheep, and hector (our investigator) is one of my sheep", we kept calm and were very patient and answered both their questions with the spirits help. we left and passed by another day, Hector aproached us and said "Elders I am sorry for the way the pastor spoke the other day, but I saw something special in you two while he did. you handled the situation so calmly and it showed that you are really sent from god. After you two left I talked with the pastor and told him that I am not a pastors sheep, I am a child of god"  he continued "I was very interested with our conversation about baptism, I want to talk more! when can you come by?" We set up an appointment, taught him the plan of salvation and about baptism and invited him to be baptized. He accepted! he now is on his way to be baptized the 28th of July. What a blessing through a simple example.
I love you all so much, You may not realize it but someone is always watching you, and through your small example you can save generations of exaltaions.
Elder Roberts

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