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April 1 2013

Date: Mon, Apr 1, 2013 at 9:27 AM

So quick news.....Last friday my flight to the island was cancelled due to bad weather, then they re scheduled for me to fly out today and it got cancelled again, soooo for a third time I am scheduled to fly out this coming friday haha so lets pray it wont cancell again. BUT This past week was one of the coolest weeks in my mission. As you know Elder Neser is my companion and we did so much things this week! Well first of all we are the newer missionaries in the mission but president is trusting us to open a sector together and later go to islands. This week we worked really hard in our sector and saw the lord working with us. It was a little rough because the missionaries in our sector before didnt leave anything! So we literally had to clean up all their mistakes and get everything up to date. We are serving in a ward where the member count is 1800 but the assistence to church is 100.....insane, nearly every contact we did this week turned out to be an inactive member. Also this past thursday and friday we all had to be in the house early because there was a holiday here and everyone goes crazy...So we had some fun times this week! Our sector is super crazy, I wont share the details now but when im home ill tell you all my experiences haha, I dont want mom to freak out.BUT the COOLEST part of our whole week was the fact that we are companions again, all day we just laugh and talk about the mtc and all our memories. I remember 100s of practices we did in the MTC together and now were doing them for real! For example, this week we were on our way to visit someone, someone we didnt know. As we aproached the house a niegboor a couple houses down came out and waved at us, kind of timid and shy, we aproached him and found out he had talked to missionaries before, he let us in, we sat down and started talking and asking questions, we then asked, "so when was the last time you talked to missionaries?" he responded "umm like a month ago" we were a little surprised, we then asked "How many times did you share with them?" he said "I dont know about ten times" WHAT! we were even more surprised, then we asked "Have you gone to church before" he said "Yeah like 15 times" haha we about died....We talked some more and found out he has drinking problems, We put together a plan for him to stop and then we asked the ultimate question, "Jose Araneda will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized?" He said "Yes, I would like very much to do that" SOO lets just review this miracle- The Lord guided us to find this stranger, who the missionaries before did not even mention in any part of all our records, in our new sector where we had no idea where we were going, prepared a man to listen to us,, told him to go outside, he found us and waved, and now he has a baptismal date...AMAZING, me and Elder Neser were so stoked after, we offered a prayer in the middle of the ghetto and dirt street thanking god for his help. We definetely saw the lord guiding us this week, HE LIVES!!! Also HAPPY EASTER, here they dont do much other than eat little chocolate eggs, but coloring eggs is like unheard of haha,  Anyways hopefully I can leave this friday! wish me luck!
Elder Roberts

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