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July 22 2013

Date: Mon, Jul 22, 2013 at 9:28 AM

My dear family and friends! The work and life here on the island has been crazy. Finally the branch is organized, callings fulfilled, meetings and new plans, its great! I am so happy that I was able to see the huge change here on the island. I got here with my companion and a branch president who was tired of his calling, and now I am happy to say that I can leave with a president, counselors, relief society organized, elders quorum organized, secretary, ward mission leader, sunday school teacher and the primary organized, we also changed the housing for the missioneries after 12 years and opened the doorways for sister missionaries to come, we have found people to teach and have been a part of many many miracles. WOW! The mission is amazing! I cannot believe how much I have learned and who I have become through one year in the field. I cant even imagine one more. As hard as it is to be away from home and sacrifice my time and energy I know the Lord is changing me and blessing me in ways I cannot comprehend. I am so proud that my cousins are serving missions in Chile with me, I think of them often. I know the Lord works miracles in the lives of his missionaries, I have seen it and am experiencing it. It has been really rainy here, and a ton of really strong wind. No joke our house shakes and it feels like and earthquake. My shoulder is feeling better but me and my companion have a cold haha. The trials never end but thats okay because thats how we grow! Changes in the mission are this next week, usually missionaries are only on the island for 12 weeks and this next week will be 15 for me. So who knows maybe ill stay for another change (6 weeks). I have learn learned so much here on the island, I have been teaching lessons, giving talks, participating in a ton of meetings, organizing the branch, and so much more. I love the island, Ill never forget the experiences Ive had here. Thank you allfor writing and supporting me through my mission. You all inspire me and make me so happy each week. I love you all. By the way I have made a couple big decisions here lately for my future. Here is one- I have been thinking a lot in the gifts god has given me and in the moments I have felt the spirit strongest in my life and both of these things relate to music! SO I have decided that I want to develope 110 percent my musical abilities to give others the chance to feel the spirit through music I create. I have learned that Music touches peoples hearts in ways that no work or action can. So who knows but I have decided that I want to spread the gospel through music when I return.
Well I love you!
Elder Travis Roberts

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