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October 17 2012

Date: Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 9:49 AM

Wow I can't believe I get on a plane tomorrow and head for Chile! Time has gone so fast here at the MTC. On Friday we had a thing called In field orientation, it was pretty much a long review of things we learned here. it went from 8 in the morning to 9 at night, it was long but awesome! So in my District 48-C there are 8 of us. 3 are going to Santiago Chile, and the other 5 are going to Concepcion south. in my Travel group there are 6 total going to my mission so that's nice :) For the past two mondays our District had the opportunity to be Hosts for new senior couples serving missions. it is so fun to talk to old people haha. One of the couples we escorted had lived in Santiago Chile for a little over three years. they told us how amazing it was and how it is one of there favorite places ever. they said the food was amazing and the people were so so kind, that's good to know :) I am so excited to get there, a little nervous for the Language but mostly excited. K here is the deal with me calling home tomorrow at the airport. I have two call cards, each one has like 3 hours of talk time BUT it takes off a huge chunk of minutes for every number I PLEASE PLEASE be watching your phones because I may only have ONE chance to call you. My layover is from 6-10 GA time so im guessing that will be from like 4-8 PM here? So be ready! Ill do my best. Mom that package I sent last week was for Macall, I guess she thinks it's for you but no it is for her. Today I am sending another the exact same way, that one is for you mom. Also thanks for the Retainers, I have been wearing them as much as I can and they are fitting pretty good, I deninetely need them ha so thank you! Katie thanks for the yummy cupcakes, they were delicious! Overall the MTC has been an amazing experience, I feel I have learned more here than all of High School ha. It is amazing what you can do when the Lord and Spirit is on your side helping you. I have learned so much..A lot of patience haha. I am a very impatient person as many of you know..I have a feeling a big chunk of that has changed, being forced to live with 8 other Elders can really test you, which it has. Packing is pretty hard, I have a ton of new books and things to take, but at least I have scales from my dad's shop to weigh my bags! it makes me smile seeing Meldrum Scale Company on all the scales we use. I am just so happy to serve and to be here, I can't believe how fast time goes is day 57, I am officially 1/12 done with my mission...crazy. I can't even imagine how much better I can become in two years. Thank you for all your support and love it really has helped me stay focused and happy. I love receiving your letters and talking to you. Hopefully all my Travels will go smoothly tomorrow, If you don't answer I will leave a message ha, oh man, you better answer! Well I am guessing my new P-day will be on Monday's but who knows, The next time you hear from me will be from Chile! Til then be strong, and know that I am happy!

Love you all

-Elder Travis J Roberts

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