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September 23 2013

Date: Mon, Sep 23, 2013 at 9:54 AM

My dear family and friends, once again another week has past, everything is going great. This past week we ate a lot of BBQ`s which was awesome, The weather has been nice as well, not too hot but not too cold. This week we worked hard and had a lot of success. Me and my comp get along very well, he is a funny little guy haha and we are learning a lot together. Currently we have 3 investigators with baptismal dates, we taught about 26 lessons this week, and contacted only 64 people (Which wasnt very much) My spanish is improving very quickly and that makes me happy:) Not much has changed, im pretty shure I weigh a bit more but im not shure cause we dont have a scale, all I know is they feed us a TON, but then again we are walking the whole day. This week we taught a lot about the plan of salvation, we have a recent convert whos husband commited suicide, we have another convert whos son was murdered, we found a lot of people that have recently lost loved ones here and it has been a testimony to me teaching them about the precious blessings of the gospel. I dont even know where to begin if I were to explain how much my mission has changed me. I know that my ideas and views on a lot of things have changed. I know and now realize the things that are really important-Family, the gospel, the Temple, the scriptures, church, Prayer, fasting, and so much more. Yeah a few of you have been asking for some of my cool or spiritual experiences from my mission so here are a few (some I wrote in other letters but here they are again):

March 11 2013
One day this week it was very hot, we were walking more than usual, each of our apointments slowly fell through, nobody wanted to let us in, we were feeling stressed and beaten down. As we were walking I remembered the words that Jesus told his apostles, to not take food or drink, clothes, or shelter but just to preach and have faith that the lord will do the rest, I thought about my purpose and why I was and am on a mission, I silently looked down and offered a prayer saying "Heavenly father, this past two weeks we have been working hard, we have been walking, knocking, and talking to everyone we could have, I know that we are here for a reason in el salto, please help us find someone to teach, someone who needs this message today" I looked up and I saw instantly a man in front of me, tall, older, and a little rugged. As he was closing his door I contacted him, we talked and I askedf if we could share something with him, he let us in. We walked up his old creeky stairs to his small and beat up house. We sat down, his name was Marcel, he said he was just looking for help and peace in his life....I knew that god had sent us there, we continued and shared the first lesson and gave the first vision, I bore strong testimony to him that god sent us there, that he would be able to find peace and love through christ and his church, I asked him, "Marcel how do you feel?" with tears in his eyes he said "I have been praying for years, looking for someone, something to help me, and when you were talking I just felt....Special, like god loves me" We were all overpowered by the spirit, what an experience, we set up another apointment and left. I KNOW THAT GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS!

We got a reference from someone saying a lady had cancer, we went to the house and a very sick lady opened the door and let us in. Her name was Sandra Cruz. She began telling us that she has cancer and how in a few days she will be traveling to the continent to begin kymotherapy. (Or however you spell it) We began taching this lady about the priesthood and how it is real power from god and works according to our faith. then she sat down in front of us, and with the spirit already there very strong we placed our hands upon this tired, and sick womans head. In this very special and probably one of the most powerful blessings I have been a part of we promised her that once she arrived to the continent the doctor would have good news for her. we also promised her that once she heard the good news that she would remember that is was specifically through the power of the priesthood that those blessings were recieved. a few weeks later we got a call from an unknown number. With a trembling voice we heard sandra cruz say "Elders, I got to the Doctors office and he did a couple tests, once he saw the results he was amazed and blown away. I was in process of losing my sight and in 5 months I would have been blind, my eyes are now healed and completely normal. I was going to have to do kymotherapy for at least a couple years, now the doctor said within one year I will be completely healed. Thank you elders, I know that the priesthood did this" Miracles happen my dear family, the priesthood is real!

well I love you all, take care this week :)

Elder Roberts

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