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April 9 2013

Date: Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 12:41 PM

So I have news......sadly my FLIGHT WAS CANCELLED AGAIN!!!! SOOOO Hopefully I will fly out this friday haha. BUT it all worked out because this month our whole mission can go to the temple (We all go once a year in the month of april) And guess what! My zone was the first zone chosen to go, sooo my plane flight was cancelled last friday but today I got to go to the Santiago Chile Temple and do a session in spanish, soooo cool. That is also why my P day changed this week. So all in all everything works out in the Lords time. The Temple was AMAZING....and I surprise myself with how much spanish I know, I pretty much understand everything that is told to me and am actually able to respond. It was an experience that I will always remember. So this week was a great week, it is starting to get colder here, were all wearing long sleeves now. No rain yet but im sure there will be a ton once I get to the island. I was also told that when I fly out there I can only take 20 pounds of luggage with me! thats like nothing! the rest I will leave in the mission office. So I have to tell you about the coolest person here in our sector, His name is Jose Hernandez, he is an investigator, he is a small man with big glasses and just so funny to talk too. He fixes shoes and hand makes belts for a living. but the coolest part is on his free time he breeds and races Greyhounds! We were walking in our sector one day and saw like so many Greyhounds, we were wondering why, then Jose told us that every weekend they race. soo....we went and watched a greyhound race! They run like 40 mph no joke, so fast, it was so cool to watch haha ill send some pictures of the track. Also one pair of my shoes were super beat up and Jose is fixing them up for me, he is just too cool. ALso YES I got to watch conference, all in spanish ha, a little bit different because you cant hear their voices but still I understood, I Loved so many of the talks, my view on conference has completely changed since the time I left, it is definetely a lot more important to me. Well this week was great we are working hard here, I am praying I can go to the island friday but if not then there is always a reason, the lord has a plan in everything. I love my mission, I love the gospel, the church is true!

Elder Roberts

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