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December 10 2012

Date: Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 7:19 AM

Hello! My dear damily and friends this week went so fast I dont even know what happened haha. Yesterday we had 2 baptisms woot! The spirit was super strong there and it was so neat to see the be baptized. We have been working hard and the weather here is sooo hot! I getting pretty tan ha. I love my new comp Elder Flannery, he is like my twin, its so fun to be his companion. To answer your questions... No I will not be in the same area my whole mission, I am expecting to leave this area around january, then from then on I have no idea, changes are completely random and happen each 6 weeks, you either stay or go ha so well see. The language is coming, its so weird to be teaching a lesson and realize I am talking in spanish haha its is hard to understand still ha cause they talk bad spanish down here. I am still super happy :) I am getting more comfortable in the work and what were doing here its nice. Time is just flying by it is crazy! This next week Elder Armstong leaves us and his parents will pick him up. Also they are going to come to church with us sunday and see our baptisms too, that will be cool! Next week we are expecting to have 5 more baptisms! CRAZY! the work truly is growing each day, its so great. Were trying to get our skype situation set up to call home on Christmas, like I said we should be calling around noon your time on christmas day, but ill give you the details later on just be ready for it. Oh so idk if you can but I decided I need a joke and riddle book haha its my new favorite thing at night, also any lds movies like the book of mormon stories or mormon messages would be nice too. and always money is good, there are so many cool stores here, it reminds me of like Portland Oregon saturday markets, but the have it here like every day its sweet! Im loading up on watches and ties for cheap. Pretty much Girls would die to shop here haha there are clothes for so so cheap like 3 dollar shirts 15 dollar shoes, so much. Today were going to go shop and have some fun for Elder Armstongs last P day. About my pictures, at times they send weird and dont work, Laurie said she knows how to fix it so mom you should just talk to her and shell tell you how :) Thank you for your emails and all your words of encouragement I hope all is well and you are all happy! ill try to send some pictures :)

Elder Roberts

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