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January 7 2013

Date: Mon, Jan 7, 2013 at 8:22 AM

Oh my goodness....I wish I could just hug you all! I LOVE your letters! They make me so so so happy! Thank you for all your love and support :) This week has been great! Yesterday we hadd 2 BAPTISMS!! WOOT! A lady named Viviana and her son Mitchell, they were so so excited to be baptized, she is the most prepared woman I have ever seen. Each lesson she was like asking so amny questions, changing her life, teaching her kids the gospel and ahh soo much even before her baptism. How amazing is was, she chose me to baptize was so spiritual, what an honor I feel each time I get to baptize, it is almost overwhelming spiritualy. Welll ill send pictures! So for new years we didnt see any was passed our curfew, but we did here the loud bangs :) It is weird to me that it is 2013...Everything is going great, I believe I will be getting changed to a new area next monday so well see! It`s sad though to leave all the people I am so close to, yesterday this little boy named sebastion randomyl came up to me in the hall and just hugged my leg and started crying...he said Elder Roberts..please dont leave next week..I almost cried with him, how amazing the love you can have for so many people so quickly, so many families here treat me like a son. How rewarding and spiritual to learn what Love really is. My companion now is super awesome, at times he is not very obedient though so I am trying to work hard still and be the bestI can, its kinda stressfull but oh well :) Each day I am getting more and more comfortable here, really learning and growing, My love for Chile and the people continues to grow, when you stop complaining and look around to see what is here, you learn to love it, not matter how ghetto it is. Today is our P day and after emailing were going to go eat and them go shopping!! Time to get me some new ties and watches...oh I love it! I am happy that you are all doing so well, Katie, Mom, Dad, You make me laugh so much, I love you family, I love you all my friends, stay strong, work hard, and smile! I know that each day I am changing, and I am so greateful and proud to be called a missionary, It reminds me of the stripling cool! well I love you, ill talke to you next week!

-Elder Travis Roberts

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