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January 21 2013

Date: Mon, Jan 21, 2013 at 7:47 AM

This week was so different. New place, new roomates, new companion, new people, new everything. At first it was kinda tough, starting over again, but like always it always works out. My new companion is awesome, super funny and crazy, my spanish is improving very quickly! I have found that living with 2 peruvians and 1 chilean is rough..ahaha they are so MESSY! not my style haha whatev. So I am now in Lampa, this week we got the highest numbers in the mission! It is super pretty here, I love looking at the mountains and the sunset each night, they are super close too. So since we are so close to the mountains there are a lot more big spiders haha, yesterday I moved my backpack and a baby tarantula walks out, we caught it in a jar..its still in our house ha. So funny experience we are in a lesson teaching someone and I look to my right (We were outside) and I can see his brother planting marajuana like right in front of us haha, my companion took a leaf off it, ill send the picture. people are crazy here. I love going to our investigators because they have fruit trees and we always just pick a ton of fresh fruit and eat it, its so good. We also gave service one day this week putting in a fence, we were digging holes for the fence posts and I was holding like a metal rod while Elder Chung hammered it to break the rock, the top part of the sledge hammer flew off and hit my still hurts, its pretty swollen. But its all good. We have bed bugs here too...worse than my otehr sector haha it stinks, I have been spraying a ton. Everything is going great! I am happy and working hard, Hope all is well at home. Thanks for your letters, LOVE YOU !!

Elder Roberts

Ill send pictures!

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