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November 26 2012

Date: Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 8:29 AM

My dear loved ones this week was amazing. Let me begin by first asking...Why didnt anyone email or write me!?? how sad........well here we go, this was my week. Ill start with the coolest part. Tamara- This week I met up with Tamara, she is rich compared to like everyone else in Chile, she has been dating a guy for three years but thankfully they dont live together. They are both electrical engineers, the guys brothers are all like doctors and proffessional musicians, and tamaras brother is a doctor too! crazy smart. anyways they were super nice, they picked us up and we went to her apartment, I forgot how funny he is! We all talked in spanglish the whole time, her boyfriend knew english too. Anyways we talked for a bit and it was kinda scary to start, cause they had no idea what to expect. But we did it, somehow the lord lead our conversation to religion perfectly, we taught lesson 1, gave the first vision and I was prompted to saysomething. In English I looked her in the face and said- " Tamara, 11 years ago you were sent to my house, to my family for a reason, and today I could have been sent anywhere, but I was sent here, to you. I know with all my heart this is not a simple coinsodence, I was sent BY GOD to share this with you" (Yes I was crying) Immedietely the spirit flooded the room, it was so so so powerful, We left them 2 book of mormons and then ended the lesson, praying together kneeling on her floor. I know she felt something, but only time will tell. We can,t teach her again cause she is out of our area, but we gave her info to other missionaries, we might have lunch with her soon though. She was so nice, it was so fun, We took pictures too ill send them! ALSO she really really wants you to come down to chile and see her, she said we could stay at her lets do it?  Family, Friends, I testify to you that the lord knows us, and he LIVES, I know I am in chile for a reason and this week it testified of that. Way cool. other things that hapened: I got no emails or letters.....I almost got killed by a huge dog who chased me and bit my bike, I bought a fanny pack...dont laugh ( I love my backpack but it is so dirty and hot here when I use it by the end of the day my back and shoulders turn like black from all the dirt and gross, I got to play some guitars!!! we currently have 15 people with baptismal dates and we taught 46 lessons this week, weve been working hard. OH YEAH K I feel so dumb last week for some reason I thought it was thanksgiving haha I guess that shows how hard were working huh? yeah anyways have a great holiday yeah!? I love you all so so much, I think of you often and pray for you every night.

WRITE ME! email and dearelders!?

-Elder Travis Roberts

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