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April 29 2013

Date: Mon, Apr 29, 2013 at 9:42 AM

So this week went so fast! A lot of you have been asking me quiestions so ill try to answer them, just ignore if my email is really random. This week we worked a ton, we were in service clothes all week, I think we wore a shirt and tie once. We have been doing a lot of service- Painting houses, Building furnature, Digging holes for houses, cleaning, yard work, you name it and we do it haha. I love the Island, it really is a paradise, I am going to come back here for sure someday and bring all of you! I had my first Lobster yesterday, it was good, a little different though because I just thought you eat the white meat but here they eat every single part....everything...yesterday I ate lobster poop and guts and meat and every scrap inside...haha it was interesting.... The fleas will not die! I have tried every home remedy I can find, currently I have over 200 flea bites no joke. Lets just say I am learning patience. Here is rains a ton and gets really muddy so we have to where boots. I have gained about 6 pounds here already and am getting stonger which is awesome. On the whole island there are about 600 people, and 3 missionaries. Yesterday in church the president didnt show up so my companion presided, I blessed the sacrament, and my other comp played the piano. We had an assistence of 8 in total, 4 members, 1 investigator, and us three missionaries. Super small, super cool experience. Here we eat a lot of weird food, a lot of raw fish too, My favorite food here is Rice with Fried fish..ahh sooo yummy! Our house has a bigger part and a separated room which is ours, we live in a room about as big as my room at home and we have 1 bathroom. The people here are super unique and awesome for example, I know someone named Guagi (Wah-We) who is a 70 year old fisherman, missing a finger, who arm wrestles us, and calls us his sons haha. I have got some cool souvenirs here too, One person gave us a piece of Black Coral which is super rare and expensive, you can make stuff out of it too. I bought some cool things as well. Mamita works with fish skin, we help her clean it and color it and she gives us stuff, currently I am making a guitar strap! It is so cool! well My letter is getting long and im not sure what else to say ha, I am super happy and in love with the island. Hope all is well at home!
Elder Roberts

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