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July 29 2013

Date: Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 9:34 AM

I HAVE NEWS! A couple days ago President Essig called us and informed us that we will both be leaving the island. I am being transfered to a new sector called Recoleta Oriente and I will be senior companion for the first time :) Here is the interesting part (Mom please dont freak out) Recoleta Oriente is inside a part of Santiago called "La Pincoya" La pincoya is one of the most dangerous sectors in Chile...... They generally send the big football players there but even then things have happened. Haha Im not a big football player so keep me in your prayers please! I will be going there sometime this week, I am just waiting for a flight to leave the island. I was a little nervous when President announced the changes, I began to say a prayer " Heavenly father ive never been senior companion, I am nervous to go o la pincoya, please help me..." As I said my prayer I felt the warmest most peaceful feeling, I knew in that moment that I need to go to this sector. I know the Lord will ´protect me and that he has a specific purpose there for me. Prayer works! This week I also had a strong experience with REAL POWER. Let me explain. We were in a lesson teaching a man who has very very little education, He is a strong believer in the bible and did not want to hear one thing about the book of mormon. As he was discrediting and speaking strongly against our beliefs I looked him in the eyes and said "Oscar Charpentir, in the name of Jesus Christ I promise you that the Book of mormon is the most correct book on earth, and the second you read it, it will change your life" He went silent.....We ended with a prayer and left. Now, I have never felt so much power, the Lord has so much authority that just the name of his son confounds people. I witnessed something amazing that night, and I will never forget how I felt, so full of the spirit, so invincible. Cool experience. Well I love you all, I leave me strong testimony that god lives, I feel in a way like Alma or Amulek, or Abinadi, or a ton of the prophets in the book of mormon. They all preached in dangerous sectors, but they all left with power and the spirit guiding them :)
I love you all!
Elder Travis Roberts

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