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May 6 2013

Date: Mon, May 6, 2013 at 9:45 AM

My dear family, Man I miss you all so much. Things here on RObinson Cruse Island  have been great, its just so beautiful here! This week it rained a ton, I have never gotten so drenched in my life.... We were inside waiting to go work for like 2 days straight, after there was so much mud and we had to use our big boots. The crazy thing is its only fall here, in winter it rains a ton more. This week we did a lot of really hard service, yesterday we did yard work for like 7 hours straight. Each morning we have been going to the gym as well, between all of that we all are so tired by the end of the day. The fleas have started to leave me alone finally! The food here is still good, really weird at times, two days ago we ate lobster and octopus empanadas, their good but not my favorite haha. I love my companions they make me laugh so much. Yesterday was changes in the mission and Elder paiva will be leaving the next flight and we may get a new companion but we dont know yet. The island is so cool, I dont even know how to describe it all, hmm a lot of rain and mud, very steep and long hills, awesome sensets, everyone is a fishermen, people are a lot more friendly here, we have a dog (Mapu) and cat (Madona) that live outside our house and the dog likes to come follow us around all day, we have a mom and dad here, we eat a ton ton of bread. We eat two for breakfast, one for lunch, and two for dinner, and sometimes one more at night haha. We have had the luck to teach some really spiritual lessons this week, they were so great we are excited to see the outcome. I am currently learning to play the piano and it is coming along quite well.
Okay as far as our phone call next week this is how it will work. You need to call me, here is the number
If you call me from a cell phone call : +56023568551199
If you call me from a home phone call : 0056023568551199
Hopefully it works! As far as I know I am pretty sure that Utah is only 2 hours behind now. Soooo you should call me at like 12:30 -1 ish and it will be about 2:30-3 ish here.
Love you!!! Ill send pictures,
Elder Roberts

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