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July 15 2013

Date: Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 9:26 AM

Well hello again! This week was a great week, and yes I am still on the island. Yesterday in church was crazy, we released like everyone and called a new mission leader, secretary, sunday school teacher,president of the relief society, both her counselors, and more! The spirit was really strong in our little church yesterday. Me and Elder Villagran are working hard here, its a lot of resposibility, we have a ton of meetings and more than one calling each and on top of that we are missionaries! crazy! This week we invited over 12 people to church but none came...which means that two lost their baptismal date. BUT its okay, we are working with patience and learning a ton. We are literally organizing a branch. I am not sure when I am leaving the island, only the Lord knows ha, as of now I have been here for 13 weeks and the average is 12 or less, so who knows. This week and these past couple weeks my shoulder was hurting, so on thursday we went in to the medical center and I met with the Doctor. He said I must have lifted something wrong or fell or something because 1 or 2 of the 4 tendons in my shoulder looks bad. He gave me some pills and a sling for my arm, but everything is going good, its kinda fun, I have never had so much attention from people haha. I only need the sling for a couple weeks then im good. I also may need to go in and do therapy with my shoulder a couple of times but who knows, well see ill keep you updated. I am officially in love with fish, we eat it all the time here, yesterday we ate little fish that look like sardines called king fish, ill send a picture. Everything is good here on the island and in the mission, I still dont comprehend time and im sure I never will. I can tell I have been a missionary for about a year because all my shirts are faded already and all my pants are faded and ripped up, and the majority of my socks have holes ha. Its a tough experience but it is always worth it.
I love you all!
Elder Roberts

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