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September 19 2012

Date: Wed, Sep 19, 2012 at 9:57 AM

Hey Family! So this week was great! I am learning spanish pretty well, we as a district pretty much speak it 24-7. Everything has been going great though, I have been eating healthy and working out, learning a lot of spanish and a lot about the gospel, its awesome. So nobody sent me any protein! haha except those 4 drinks...but I need some powder yeah? but a small container so I wont have to travel with it. Um mom I have been wearing my retainer every night and a lot of the day does nothing haha I adjust it a lot so its tight and I feel pressure a little but It doesnt work nearly as well as my clear retainer did. do you think you could get a new one (Clear retainer) made from the molds we made of my teeth recently or the one from when my braces came off? they are in the bathroom believe. Also if you can, can you like google for me common like questions or doubts investigators may have, and next to it have like scriptures that answer the questions? does that make sense? just like a helper paper? ummm I am good as far as food I think, I always enjoy like those nature valley granola bars or peanut butter... I am truly being forced to learn patience haha, like all my room mates snore and do things that drive me crazy sometimes. I miss home at times but I am staying focused here and working really hard. Time is going so fast, I am already half ways done here! on sunday I get released as District leader as well, so that might be nice to not have so much on my plate. This week during a thing called TRC we teach real members about something, just like a spiritual thought and get to know them. WELL one of the members we taught just got back from serving in Santiago chile! and oh my goodness...Im kinda scared, she speaks like spanish only in fast forward and with slang added. you know how canadians say like "eh" at the end of everything? well in Santiago I guess they say "Po" so it sounds like a completely different language. plus its in super speed! but it was cool to talk to her. At lunch one day we sat down and actually met a guy from Santiago Chile as well, he was so great! He said we will all get fat cause the food is so good, they love their sleep and their food there haha. he said they have no air conditioning or heating in a lot of the homes, he said there are like 4 stray dogs for every one person too! he was awesome im so stoked for chile! So where are all my pictures of you and the chilean monkey? So Father, YES I did get your letter and I really enjoyed it, you really strengthen me when you tell me those stories, if you ever have any come to your mind then send them to me! I love them! Patricio-I love you bro haha don't worry about getting me shoes im all taken care of, thanks for your support I love you bro! That goes to all my friends, I miss you all and love you, keep working hard! So mom in case you were wondering or saw that I spent I did not randomly spend $70, it was for my Hep A shot. I don't think I really need anything except for keep sending me letters and packages! They make my day! I am doing great here and thank you everyone for all your support you show me. Ill talk to you in a week!

-Elder Travis Roberts

OH! P.S. if any of you have questions for me or want to know something, ask me and Ill answer them next email!

-Love you!

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