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February 4 2013

Date: Mon, Feb 4, 2013 at 8:09 AM

Hola Familia! ¿como estan? les extraño mucho! (Hi family, how are you? I miss you all a ton!) well this week went pretty fast, I cannot comprehend time...its so fast! in about two weeks I will hit my 6 month mark, where does time go? Well here in Lampa things have been interesting. This past week we ate lunch on tuesday and here is what happened: first we eat some salad it was good, then this member brings us a big bowl of soup an bread, it was good but not my fav when its 100 degrees outside, chileans dont care though ha, so after that I am super full thinking dessert is next...nope, that was just the appetizer! she brings us each a huge plate or rice and some mystery meat that looks like salmon, pink and the texture of fish. I about died trying to eat that much the end I asked her "that was pretty good, how did you cook that salmon?" She looks at me and said, well that was chicken. then I died, haha the worst part is for the next four days I was sick, stomach pains, aches, and all the above. haha not fun. on the other hand, me and Elder Farfan have been working hard, since we talk in spanish all the time it is really weird to talk in english. The other night I tried to say a prayer out loud in english and I couldnt! I kinda freaked out, each word came out in spanish first haha, should be interesting when I come home...Things have been better here, still a little rough but good. Changes are in a few weeks so well see what happens then. I am changing a ton ha, I feel like a different person, but for the better. I love love the scriptures and learning all about them, I cherish my time to read them each day. its weird, the more you read the more you want to read ha. Everything sounds good at home, it is still way way too hot here, yesterday was like 105 and we were outside all day, we had one lesson, for the other 7 hours we were knocking doors, a little rough. Going through experiences like that put things like sundays at home in perspective, how good they were haha...someday. well although its really tough at times I have learned a lot, and become better through those experiences, I cant wait to tell you all my crazy stories!! well I love you all, I am staying positive and working hard, I hope the same for all of you! the hardest part of a mission is MISSING MUSIC AND MY STUDIO! ahhh .... someday it will all come again, but I will be a changed person, with a better and more prepared perspective on life. :)

Les amo,

and ill be sending photos!

Elder Roberts

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