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August 5 2013

Date: Mon, Aug 5, 2013 at 9:37 AM

Dear Family and friends, I am STILL on the island haha, I am still waiting for good weather and a flight to take me back to the continent.  This week we worked really hard. I am excited to get to me new sector and begin adjusting the life in Santiago again. Here on the island has been pretty cool this past week, for some reason there schools of little fish by the dock and they attracted all the big fish, every morning people have been catching huge fish and a ton of them, so were going to go try our luck today:) Life is great, yes I still hate the fleas here but everything else is great. Me and my companion are pretty much chefs now. Last P day we did the biggest hike on the island, we went to a mayan monument (Or at least thats what they say- Many think its just a big rock) It took us about 6 hours to leave and return. Ill send pictures :) My spanish is definetely improving, I havnt spoken english for like 3 or 4 months haha so hopefully you can understand what I write still. Thank you for all your letters, they truly brighten up my week! I cant believe how amazing the mission experience is, I am learning sooooooo much. I cant even imagine where I would be without the things I am learning. Yesterday was a great moment in our small church building, hearing the stong testimonies of the people here and reflecting on all the changes, challenges, and miracles that we have noticed here. I will never ever forget the experiences I have had on the island, I cant wait to tell you all everything I have seen! Ill send pictures today. Thank you for all you are doing, for your letters and prayers for me. I love you all! Sorry I dont have much time to write today,
Elder Roberts

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