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November 20 2012

Date: Tue, Nov 20, 2012 at 8:59 AM

Hello! So this week was great, our schedule changed a little so today is my P day not yesterday. We just found out we have bed bugs..........poop....haha so we were cleaning our house really really good and we found two of the biggest spiders I have ever seen, turns out one is the most poison in chile! ahhh! and it was under our bed! Ill send pictures. Also went shopping last p day. Downtown chile is cool, you can buy stuff like watches glasses clothes whatever for super super cheap! One day this week we were in a lesson talking about the ressurection and there are two similar words in spanish- Caballo-Horse and Cabello-Hair, I ended up saying that we will have our bodies restored to a perfect for with all the horses on our head haha it was funny, I am learning still every day. Im glad you had a happy thanksgiving! I didnt even realize it passed ha they dont celebrate it here. So on saturday we lost one of our companions, now it is just me and Elder Armstrong. He is awesome, were best friends! So this week I made a christmas list! here it is. A Leatherman, workout stuff, music on a thumbdrive or something, clothes (For p day, sleeping, HOODIES, a belt I think size 34) and also a card reader that changes a mini sd to a regular sd. I dont really know what else, maybe money haha its always nice to have a little spending cash. but anyways enough about that. so chile is great family, I love you and miss you, I cant believe how fast time flies by and how crazy my schedule can be. I witnessed real life revelation this week, here is what happened. first of all so many times throughout my day I will get random thoughts or impresions to do something, as I followed them we always have success! This week we were teaching a really really smart catholic lady, she owns a college here and actually has money, we have been teaching her for like 3 weeks now. She has a ton of doubts and is really tricky to teach, anyways, one night we were teaching her and throughout the whole lesson I kept getting the thought that we need to fast for her. I didnt say anything, we later went home and said our prayer before planning and immedietely after E´ Armstong says, hey elder, I think we should fast for Carolina, and I was like DUDDDE Revelation! so we did it, and we are excited to meet with her tomorrow and see what happened. Also it seems to work so perfectly, every single day in lessons someone asks a question or something and it always turns out to be something I read in the sciptures that morning, and with the spanish words I studied, my mind is just blown daily how REAL revelation is and how much the lord is helping me. I have an appointment to meet Tamara this saturday, last week she was busy, but I talked to her on the phone! Im Stoked! I will be sending all my fun adventures in pictures this week. Love you all so so much, thank you for all you do!
-Elder Roberts
P.s. Yes I ripped my pants again, Im cursed...

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