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March 31 2014

Date: Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 11:05 AM

Familia! This week went soo fast..... It is crazy how fast time is going.... Well all is well, I got my package woot! and I have been studing Portuguese like crazy every day, im getting better at it! and thanks for all the goodies! Wow I am sooo excited for general conference this weekend, I cant believe that next general conference I will be home, the mission is like a time capsule sometimes it seems so long, and other times it goes very fast. Next week is also changes in the mission so well see if I stay or go... This week president put another one of me and Elder Sorensens stories in the mission letter, here is what he put. —(Two missionaries were doing contacts in a steep area.  They entered a small steep passageway and saw an old lady walking up the hill 20 feet ahead of them.  Suddenly, they saw a wide tire rolling quickly down the hill straight at the lady.  The two missionaries sprinted up the hill, got in front of her, and stopped the tire.  She was very grateful and began telling people that two Mormon missionaries saved her life! )  I remember that I cut m y hand on the tire but it was so cool cause I was like a super hero!

This week went well, finally it is nice and cool here, at times it is still super hot but now there is a lot of cold wind! Feels great outside! But I got a cold...  Wow another crazy thing about being a missionary is how much food the members give you to eat....Yesterday we went to a members house and she gave us : 3 cheese empanadas, a stuffed tomato, salad, a piece of lasagna the size of my head, and a huge cup fullof ice cream, and bread and juice....we left Sooooooooo full........ Which is something I will never understand, how I have lost weight on my mission. Must be from all the walking!

All is well!

Elder Roberts

we upped the weight on our bench press!
We taught a man who is Hare Krishna this week! and this is his bible...interesting!

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