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July 14 2014

Date: Mon, Jul 14, 2014 at 10:42 AM

Well another week down! Time is going so quickly! I cant believe that Ill see you all in 4 weeks! I am pretty excited for that. So just an update, my health is doing a lot better now, I went to the doctor again and he gave me a couple new things to try for my asthma so im now his test subject haha but I feel much much better. Everything is going well here, we woring as normal, finding people and seeing miracles. This week we had a huge miracle. So I dont knw if you remember but Victor (Our investigator) has been in the hospital for months now and finally on tuesday they gave him a 1 week home release! I gave me the biggest hug and began to cry telling me of the countless experiences in the hospital that have changed him and helped him grow closer to god, and guess what! For the irst time in the 8 months that I have been here HE CAME TO CHURCH! and he loved it! He enters the hospital again today but wow, through his trial he has changed and now their future is looking very bright with future marraige plans and baptism plans for him and gina so that they can join their family in the gospel! It was a very heart touching experience for me to see a changed man and to see how the lord always has a plan even when we think he doesnt, and his plan is always out of love for us. We also found many awesome people this week who are very prepared and who need the gospel so badly. It was just a great week.  All is well with my companion, we are best friends and we get a long great. I miss you all- To be honest these last weeks are the hardest part of my mission, truly enduring to the end and ending strong. But so far so good :) Love you all!

Elder Roberts

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