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October 10 2012

Date: Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 9:07 AM

Hola! wow where to begin? Well first of all thank you Katie for the package, Im looking forward to that booklet:) also thanks everyone for the mail you sent me, it always makes my day! First good news: I GOT MY TRAVEL PLANS! I leave the MTC on OCT 18 at 8:00 AM. We fly from here to Atlanta Georgia and have a 4 hour lay-over (Which I will call home during) then we fly to Santiago! it is like a 12 hour flight from GA to well see how that goes haha, but super exciting! Parents, can you ask the Armstrong's in our ward how long it takes for their son to get mail, and if Dear elder works down there? General Conference was AMAZING. I never knew how much I could learn from it! haha and no I did not get to wear my pajamas, I was in a suit and tie sitting on hard chairs the whole time ha. by the end of conference I wrote 29 pages of notes and spiritual promptings! it was so great. on Sunday night we had a devotional and guess who came? Chad Lewis, he was an NFL player for the Rams, then the Eagles for about 9 years, he is LDS and served a mission. he had an awesome talk that was really inspiring. GUESS WHAT ELSE! last night we had a Tuesday devotional and guess who came.........David A. Bednar! the best part was, our of the hundreds of rows I was on the 5th and pretty much dead center! There was such power when he was there, the spirit was so so strong, we all sang with all our souls haha I felt like we were about to see a vision or something. He talked about the importance of general conference..he made eye contact with me many times and it was like he could see my soul haha, such a great weekend huh! Also, this last week I was able to finish the Book of Mormon. I started on my second week here and was happy to really read it and study it and finish it. that is deffinitely something I will remember. My goal is to have read it about 8 more times before I come home, so well see how that goes :) Father...I love you, thank you so much for your letters, they truly touch my heart, little do you know, I had been praying for something, and your letter the other day answered my prayer...I am so proud to call you my father, and to be able to relate to you, thank you. Everything has been going great though, We are all just getting prepped to leave for Chile, packing, cleaning,haircuts, it is very exciting. Im nervous to leave but so so so excited! So many times we hear so many good things about Chile :) Family, I will be sending a package home soon, I also realized I cant wear my blue sweater cause I have a black suit haha, oh well. Maybe I can give the package to Frank's mom or something...well see. My Spanish is still improving I feel, I can definitely see my blessing from the stake pres. coming true, I can see the gift of tongues in myself, its so cool, ill be just going off in spanish teaching and in my head im like holy cow what am I saying!? it is so amazing how much the Lord helps his missionaries. I never would have imagined I could grow so much in such little time, My ears are constantly being tuned to the spirit and it is such an amazing feeling. The MTC has the spirit so strong here, its like a liquid form, you can just feel it everywhere. Being on a mission has truly changed my view in a lot of ways...I appreciate things so much more, simple things like clothes, a fridge, food, soft chairs, people, and heavenly father, and a TON more. Serving a mission is very hard at times, but the lord has blessed me and continues to bless and help me, and I know this is where I need to be. Keaton, Bryce, and whoever else are leaving soon (AHH 18!) PREPARE NOW! in every way, and decide today you will serve and never change your mind, I am so proud to wear the name of Jesucristo on my chest. what an honor. what a blessing. These few years will shape my life forever.

-Be ready for a phone call next week!
Love you all!

-Elder Travis J Roberts

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