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April 15 2013

Date: Mon, Apr 15, 2013 at 8:13 AM

Well....I have very bad news and very good news....first the bad news: My plane flight got cancelled again! Good news: it got re-scheduled for sunday morning and I AM NOW ON THE ISLAND!!!! Oh my gosh where do I alone in a chilean airport I took a small 8 seater plane to the island, then I took a spanish military boat to a dock near my house, right in front of me were fishermen cleaning their giant catch of the day, like 700 lb fish. oh my gosh I feel like I live in paradise! It is the most gorgeous and beautiful place I have ever been. I feel like we are camping, walking to houses is like through the forest with all kinds of birds and flowers and in the background is the ocean! At night it is so dark you can see galaxies in the sky, the sunsets are amazing. My companions are Elder Evans (Gringo who will end his mission here) and Elder Paiva (Arrived with me and is from argentina), they are so awesome. We live in a small room in a house, we have a lady who is literally our mom here, we call her mamita, she cooks, cleans, makes us eat our vegetables and make our bed, talks to us, she is literally our mom here. The worst and most dangerous thing about the island is that there are fleas everywhere....My comp Elder Evans has hundeds of bites, they say that fleas like gringos so well see how bad I get it. The first things my companions said to me is "Elder Roberts, this is a different mission, forget everything youi know about being a missionary, here is literally a paradise, we have permision from president to change and break rules, the work is very different here, welcome to the island" it is so true here we can change our schedule, break rules such as eat dinner with people, play instruments ( I played guitar for like 2 hours last night!), go fishing (we are going tonight from 8 til bed time!), go home early, play games, we dont need to spend any money, we teach 1 lesson a week if we are lucky, we do a lot of is insane, they said you will gain a lot of wait here and become a lazy missionary.Its weird its like we wake up and live normal lives on an island, We have to do what we can to share the gospel, even if it is very different. I will try to send pictures, I have taken so many, there are so many cool things about this island I cant wait to tell you about. I love you ll so much!

Elder Roberts

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