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October 3 2012

Date: Wed, Oct 3, 2012 at 9:28 AM

Hola Familia! Como estas? This week has been great and it felt like the fastest week yet. Hmmm where to begin, well first any luck on getting me a clear retainer? the one I have I tighten it and wear it but within like a half hour it isnt tight on my teeth anymore and falls off..I remember how well the clear one I had try to get one :)?? So crazy story number 1- on like Friday night it was about 10 45 so we were all in bed with the lights off, sometimes missionaries are slow or whatever and there are always a few still brushing their teeth or something. so on this particular night we heard a lot of people talking coming from the bathroom...and then it got super loud like crazy, so we got up and looked in the bathroom and a sink exploded and was spraying hot water like crazy!! it was like so crazy but pretty funny haha. Crazy story number 2- well usually I never gain weight but I have gained about 6 pounds since I have been here ha, not too bad but still...weird for me, luckily I have continued in working out and eating right so hopefully thats muscle ;) Crazy story number 3- so we were sitting in on a mission conference and in front of me was a sister missionary who looked EXACTLY like Marley! It was so akward cause I was like looking at her a lot like just remembering my cute little nieces and how much I miss them..maybe it was a sign! Marley might serve a mission haha, anyways that was cool. Love you Marley! and all my Nieces and Nephews! Crazy story number 4- okay so this story is a more spiritual but amazing story. This happened yesterday night. To start, in the morning I said a prayer, specifically a prayer for comfort and support and that I needed help. Throughout my day it was the same as usual. But then we were in District meeting, just going around sharing our testimonies. and out of nowhere the thought of my two grandmas popped into my head....immedietly after I felt a warmth in my heart and physically around me, as if my two Grandmothers were there with me, with their arms around me, supporting me. I could barely hold back my tears and could not comprehend what I was feeling. It was truly an answer to my prayer, it was so powerful, and I had such peace and comfort come to me. I know they are in heaven now, and they are with us all....Father, although you did not serve a mission I want you to know, that in a way you and your stories are converting and helping build many peoples testimonies. I share with investigators and my district stories about you all the time, keep sending them, your testimony has true power that can direclty relate to many, thank you for all you do for me dad. Mom I love you very much and I never foget what you have taught me in my life I love you. Also you asked me what things I was going to send home before I leave to chile, well I do not need my temple clothes i found out, I dont need some books I have, and I might send home all the letters I had received so I am not too heavy on my bags. Funny story-so here at the MTC there are so many different races of people, haha this week we found out how funny the chinese and asians are. example: One day we had Biscuits and gravy for breakfast, we look over and these two chinese kids are just pointing at it laughing and giggling...pretty funny, second they seem to be amazed by the hand sanitizers here. all the time we see them push the buttons and watcht the foam spray out and they are just amazed, it makes my day haha. So thanks for the letters this week everyone :) thats so nice to hear that ugly green house is getting painted! Woot! So here are my need/ wants for the week (Mostly wants...) I would like: 
-Protein bars
-A small picture book with pictures of Macall and my family!
-A clear retainer
-Anything really haha

Well I love you all, i'm doing just fine, just getting ancy to leave for Chile!

-Elder Roberts

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