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October 22 2012

Date: Mon, Oct 22, 2012 at 9:10 AM

Familia! Hola! Wow im actually in Chile! I am living in a place called Colina. Chile is so crazy, okay so my first day here we were checking in at the airport and guess who was just standing behind us and apperently was on our plane too.....Elder Bednar and Elder Oaks and Elder Hollstrum the pres of the 70! SO we met them and talked to them for like 40 min in line! it was so cool. Then on Saturday Elder Bendar spoke to our sector for like 4 hours, it was sweet. what a way to start a mission huh? ALSO you will never guess who my companion is.....None other than ELDER ARMSTRONG from our home ward haha he is so awesome! He is teaching me so much. The Spanish here is so slurred and fast and they don`t pronounce ther s`s so its hard to understand but im trying.  So I have been taking a ton of pictures and ill try to send them. So I have a picture of my first family I taught, My first Completo (Chilean hot dogs with a TON of mayo guacamole and tomatoes...kinda weird and gross haha) With me new comp, with a GIANT dog (Like Beehtoven), my house and a ton more. Oh man the Chilean people are so so nice, I cant believe how stong of a bond I have with so many after only 4 days! Our house and all the houses here are pretty much two tiny tiny rooms and have no carpet. Very beat up ang ghetto, there are a billion street dogs everywhere that look so gross and graffiti everywhere. It is like so so ghetto here, but so great! The people are just so kind and humble. What an experience. So the culture here is very different too, for example, in my very FIRST lesson and very FIRST house in the middle of the lesson the mom just starts breastfeeding like without covering anything up....interesting ha, also they dont eat dinner here, thay eat a HUGE lunch. I have a feeling im going to get so fat but ill do my best to not. We ate at a members home yesterday and she gave me enough food on my plate for probably our whole family...and I ate so so much...and right after like three other members gave us food its crazy, and everyone here drinks like only soda, but Elder Armstong said suprisingly he has lost weight so well see. Lately the weather has been pretty cold and rainy, we got soaked yesterday. I am living right now in a small house with a total of five elders including myself, I love them. our toilet to flush you pull a string and to have hot water we have to use propane heaters. The food here is interesting, pretty good just different. The milk tastes funky ha but its good, The food with members at times is nasty but you just have to eat it...i remember at one house I bit into some meat and it was a big bite of just fat...I about dies right there, oh man haha The drivers here are crazy..they go so fast and it is so scary. My mission president is so kind and his wife is so so funny and crazy its so great. wow so much to tell you haha. You can email me if you want, I am aloud to email anyone now and have more time too so thats good. So in summary I am living in the GHETTO, I don`t understand a thing, and I am so so so HAPPY. I love you all so much! Im working hard and learning so much about myself. it`s great. Sorry I didnt get to call anyone really in the airport...long story, ask my mom haha. but I love you, be safe!

Elder Travis Roberts

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