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April 22 2013

Date: Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 8:31 AM

Hey family, this week was an amazing week. P-day we went fishing and I cought a fish! There are not really beaches here just rocks and a dock and a lot of mountains. We eat a ton of fish and really weird things from the ocean here. I ate Octopus, mussels, and a ton of raw fish this week. We did a lot of service this week, painted a house, climbed a mountain with our mamita and picked 30 lbs of berries, did gardening, and a ton more, that is like the only way we get chances to teach the gospel. We were able to teach a few lessons which was awesome too. My companions are super cool, so are the people here. It is super chill, everyone leaves their keyes in their doors all day long and nothing is locked, the people are really honest and kind which is a big change from santiago. I am gaining weight already and working out in a gym here every day so hopefully ill be buff when I leave haha. My companion Elder Evans was a bodybuilder before his mission and he is going to train after to win Mr. Olympia! He is super small now though cause he got sick on his mission and couldnt work out ha but he is helping me work out and get ripped! This Saturday and sunday we watched conference in the church because nobody here has seen it yet(The second time for me) we had an assistence of 6 people! crazy. The island is super pretty, there is an endangered bird called the Firecrown hummingbird and we see those all the time. OH MY GOSH guess what! So there is a lady in our ward who was walking one day in the island and saw something on the ground, she picked it up, and it was a coin. TREASURE! she showed it to us, it is a coin from 1812, she took it to chile to have it examined and they told here it was worth 250,000 dollars! she still has it and I held it yesterday! Ill send pictures! This week was a great week, the mission is going by so fast, today is my 8 month mark, can you believe that! Oh so next month on Mothers day we get to talk for an hour, the problem is that the internet here is sooo slow so im not sure if skype will work, so ill check and let you know what well do, just remember we will talk that day.  well I love you all so so much, take care
Elder Roberts

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